An emergency meeting of European energy ministers . Russian gas is the most important stock

EU energy ministers to hold emergency talks on Monday as the bloc seeks to respond in unison to Moscow’s demand that European buyers pay for Russian gas in rubles or cut off supplies.

Russia already cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland last week after they refused to meet its payment demands in rubles. The two countries have already planned to stop using Russian gas questyear and claim they can adapt. But that has raised fears that other EU countries, including Germany, Europe’s gas-dependent economic powerhouse, may be next.

This threatens to divide the united front of the European Union against Russia, in amid disagreement on correct course of action.

With many European companies facing a deadline to pay for gas later this month, EU countries need to urgently clarify whether companies can continue to buy fuel without violating EU sanctions against Russia for invading Russia. ‘Ukraine.

Moscow said foreign gas buyers must deposit euros or dollars in an account with Russia’s privately owned Gazprom Bank to convert them in rubles.

But the European Commission said compliance with Russia’s plans could constitute a violation of EU sanctions, also noting that countries can make payments without violating the sanctions if they announce that the payment has been completed once paid. in euro and before it is converted in rubles.

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