An encrypted app, die Organized crime networks around the world are deceiving

Law enforcement officials said today, Tuesday, that a global fraud using a from the Federal Bureau of Investigation “FBI” developed application has led to raids and arrests around the world in order to deal an “unprecedented blow” to criminal gangs.

Operation Trojan Shield involved police raids in 16 countries, die arrest more than 800 suspects and seize more than 32 tons of drugs (including cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines and methamphetamine), 250 firearms, 55 luxury cars and more than $ 148 million in cash and cryptocurrency.

An encrypted app, die Organized crime networks around the world are deceiving

Drugs, die during the operation in Australia were seized

“Operation Trojan Shield is a shining example of what can be achieved when international law enforcement partners from around the world work together to die Develop the latest investigative tools to discover cross-border criminal organizations, ”said Calvin Chivers, FBI Division Assistant Director of Criminal investigation said at a news conference in The Hague, dismantling and dismantling.

Australian federal police chief Jennifer Hurst said it was “a turning point in the history of global law enforcement “.

There in Australia confiscated luxury watches

There in Australia confiscated luxury watches

For her part, the Dutch commander of the national police, Janine van den Berg, confirmed that die Operation dealt an unprecedented blow to criminal networks around the world.

The operation started after it was Global Police in succeeded in disrupting two other large networks of encrypted telephones in the past two years, die used by criminals, the first as “Incruchat” and the second as “Skyglobal”.

Sky EC C

New Zealand Police said: “The closure of these two encrypted communications platforms has created a huge void in the crypto communications market.”

To fill that void, the FBI ran its own encrypted hardware company, Anum. The FBI did in criminal gangs for the past 18 months in more than 100 countries supplied with mobile devices.

Australian police said that die Devices of which die Criminals believed they were encrypted, handed over to agents within the Mafia, Asian crime gangs, drug gangs and outlaw motorcycle gangs as part of the FBI-staged plot.

As part of the operation in Australia seized weapons

As part of the operation in Australia seized weapons

The police were able to use the “Anom” application, die has been used by criminals around the world to in fast Read 100 countries’ news while planning drug deals, arms transfers, and assassinations die Messages from leaders of global criminal organizations read encrypted path.

And legal documents, die Revealed and quoted by American media channel Vice News showed that the FBI worked with secret agents to develop and distribute “Anom” devices over the “Phantom Secure” network used by criminal agents, and broadcast 50 of them on sent – mostly to Australia – to serve as “beta test” tools.

There in Australia seized money

There in Australia seized money

These devices did not have email, call, or global location service and could only send messages to other phones die above die Anom app.

It could only be bought on the black market for around $ 2,000 and required a code from a previous user to access it.

Australian authorities helped get these phones in die To give hands to “influential” criminals, including a fugitive Australian drug gang leader in Turkey to gain confidence.

But die The operation’s undercover cover appeared to be exposed in March 2021, as a blogger die Described security flaws by Anum and said it was a fraud involving Australia, the United States and other members of the Five Eyes information exchange network. The article was later deleted.

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