An engineer establishes a “graveyard” for the “Explorer” browser to stop using it

A South Korean computer engineer built a tombstone, his photos spread widely on social network, in “Internet Explorer” anniversary honor in occasion of the interruption of the production of this famous browser by the American giant Microsoft.

Unlike many other countries, Internet users in South Korea, which has one of the fastest communication networks in the world, continued to use Internet Explorer, which Microsoft officially shut down on Wednesday 27 years after its launch.

On the occasion of the browser’s demise, 38-year-old engineer Kyung Jong set up a plaque on the roof of a cafe in Gyeongju city in South Korea, with the famous “e” on it that appeared on hundreds of millions. from computer for many years in around the world and attached it to the sentence “It was a good tool for downloading other navigation systems.

The images of this strange “burial” have spread widely on social network, in particularly via Reddit, where users have enjoyed tens of thousands of times.

Immediately after its launch in August 1995, Explorer quickly surpassed its rival Netscape, the first browser in Internet history, to acquire more than 90% of the industry’s shares at the turn of this century. However, the browser has dropped dramatically in recent years after many users have complained of slowness and recurring problems.

However, this was not the case in South Korea, where the use of “Explorer” remained mandatory in banking and e-commerce operations until about 2014.

Additionally, “Explorer” stuck until a few years ago, when the browser was automatically used for many South Korean government websites, according to the local press.

Kyung Jong told AFP that in his job as an engineer of the software and a website developer, he has constantly “suffered” from compatibility problems between different programs due to Internet Explorer.

He added: “In South Korea, when working in the field of site development webit is often expected to provide a program compatible with Internet Explorer and not with Chrome, “the browser of the US giant Google, which currently represents three quarters of the global browser systems market, according to the website. Specialist at Kinsta.

And Microsoft has announced since last year that June 15, 2022 is the date of termination of the work of the browser “Explorer”, which has seen 11 consecutive copies.

In practice, Explorer will still be used, but Microsoft will stop updating or modifying it.

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