An image with a thousand meanings .. Elon Musk “free” Twitter

After repeatedly declaring his passion for freedom of expression on the blue site if he acquired it, American billionaire Elon Musk today posted a photo through his Twitter account, which commentators considered “of a thousand meanings”.

Musk appeared in the cartoon image, opening the cage door to the blue Twitter bird – the site’s logo – unleashing it on freedom, in reference to its adherence to freedom of expression on the platform.

great reaction

The photo received a lot of interaction on social media and has collected hundreds of likes and shares.

He also commented after the Twitter pioneers that: “An image with a thousand meanings”.

Musk and “Freedom of expression”

American billionaire Elon Musk has always stressed his adherence to freedom of expression through several tweets he wrote on the platform.

In one of them, he said: “I hope my worst critic stays on Twitter too, because that’s free speech.”

He also once posted a long tweet in which saw freedom of expression as the foundation of any democracy and described Twitter as the “digital town square of free speech”.

Last month, Musk announced his intention to crack down on fake accounts and spam, as well as introducing an edit button on tweets.

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