An important feature of the iPhone 13..a long battery life

Apple announced new iPhone models earlier this week in an annual tradition for the company in view of the Christmas shopping season.

The new models, called the iPhone 13, are not significant improvements over last year’s models, which gained support for 5G networks and a new design leaner.

The four new models of quest’year look alike, have the same screen size, have faster processors, and include new imaging features intended for advanced users.

But the company has unveiled and confirmed improvements related to longer battery life.

A materially better device is expected to be released each year to boost sales in a mature market, where important innovations are becoming less frequent.

Also, improvements to the screen, processor or camera may affect some, in especially photography professionals. But the changes that occur each year require careful scrutiny.

An important feature of the iPhone 13..a long battery life

iPhone 13

90 minutes

In turn, the company said all four new models get at least another 90 minutes of battery life in conditions of normal use.

He added that the largest and most expensive model, as well as the best-selling flagship iPhone, gets 150 minutes in more battery life than last year’s models.

For example, iPhone 12 plays videos for 17 hours. The runtime is increased to 19 hours with the iPhone 13, which increases the battery life by around 12%.

Battery life is one of the most important characteristics

Battery life remains one of the most important characteristics for consumers, according to several surveys.

In a 2019 SurveyMonkey survey, 76% of iPhone owners said longer battery life was a feature they were excited about updating their phone.

Also, another highly rated feature in surveys is storage. The company doubled the default storage on the iPhone 13 to 128GB without increasing the price.

The company highlighted these improvements while wondering if it could maintain the iPhone sales momentum.

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