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An increase in ATM thefts in Europe

The European Police Agency (Europol) said on Sunday that the number of ATM explosions on the continent has increased in significantly and that these explosions are perpetrated by specialized criminal gangs.

German police recorded 287 attacks last year, up from 268 in 2020, despite travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the number of attacks is expected to increase quest’year. Last September, German police had recorded as many attacks as they had in the past year, despite the reduction in the number of ATMs.

Claire George, a spokesperson for Europol, told the dpa that the types of explosives used by the gangs in the attacks had become more powerful and dangerous. “Extremely heavy explosives are used so often that buildings collapse and kill innocent people,” she added.

He noted that the police have identified a growing trend of attacks in several European countries, including Germany, southern Europe and the Baltic states. He also claimed that specialized criminal gangs exist in this type of attacks and who are working internationally to carry out these attacks. It is unclear exactly how many explosions targeted the ATMs in all over Europe, because Europol does not evaluate local cases.


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