An international document reveals that 350 thousand in Tigray. suffer from hunger

Days after the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator faced impending famine in the Ethiopian region of Tigray had warned, an unpublished United Nations document showed that about 350,000 people in Live famine.

The unpublished document revealed that analysis by United Nations agencies and aid groups concluded that millions in Tigray desperately in need of food, farming and livelihood support to keep another slide in prevent a famine, Reuters reported today.

The government is skeptical

For its part, the Ethiopian government is skeptical of the IPC analysis, so die Observations of a meeting of the Interinstitutional Standing Committee last Monday, die Be members of the heads of at least 18 organizations, some of which are members of the United Nations.

In addition, a high-ranking Ethiopian diplomat confirmed in New York told Reuters, who spoke on condition of anonymity that die Government is skeptical of the analysis, is skeptical of the survey methods and accuses the classification of a lack of transparency and inadequate coordination with the responsible authorities.

An international document reveals that 350 thousand in Tigray.  suffer from hunger

Expelled from Tigray (Reuters)

Emergency aid

On June first of this year, the World Food Program called for $ 203 million to be raised to help die Increase region.

In addition, it has been distributed since March in the northwest and southern Tigray regions, where 5.2 million people, or 91% of the region’s population, are due to the conflict.

Residents of Tigray (Archive - AFP)

Residents of Tigray (Archive – AFP)

According to reports it came in Tigray on fighting between government forces and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, die in November 2020 die ruling party in the region was.

Forces from neighboring Eritrea took hold in the conflict to die Ethiopian government support, and die Violence killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands in the mountain region, in of more than five million people live.

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