An investigation into the accounts of the brother of the governor of the Banque du Liban . Allegations of embezzlement and money laundering

A Lebanese investigation into allegations of embezzlement and money laundering faced by the central bank governor and his brother is expected to obtain new information on his brother’s bank accounts today, Thursday, in a development that could advance the investigation.

Riad Salameh, the governor of the Banque du Liban, faces judicial investigations in Lebanon and in at least five European countries on allegations that he and his younger brother, Raja, have embezzled at least $ 330 million in public funds.

Both deny the allegations.

Riad Salameh confirmed to Reuters on Thursday that the Banque du Liban Special Investigation Commission had agreed to hand over Burja Salameh’s account information to discriminatory prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat.

The central bank governor usually chairs the body, but said he resigned as head so as not to create any conflict of interest.

Oweidat had previously sent letters to Lebanese banks requesting that the account information belonging to Raja Salameh be provided to the judiciary.

The banks refused, citing banking secrecy laws, and instead submitted the information to the central bank body.

The move comes when a French judge investigating the same charges against the Salameh brothers made an unprecedented visit to Beirut. Even the judges in Europe are looking for this information because it could provide answers as to where the proceeds of their alleged illicit gains went.

Three judicial sources told Reuters that French investigative judge Aude Borissi met with Oueidat today, Thursday, in a court in Beirut, during the first visit of this type by a European judge.

Two people familiar with the matter said his visit was in part aimed at obtaining account information of the Salameh brothers and other persons in investigations that may be involved.

The French embassy declined to comment, saying it was not involved in the coordination between the two judicial authorities.

The provision of information complete it would represent a major step forward in the investigation after months of delays.

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