An Iranian agent recruited 5 Israeli women. The Shin Bet reveals the details

Israel revealed an Iranian attempt to recruit small townspeople with the aim of spying on Iran. The Israeli internal security service “Shin Bet”, as reported by the media premises today, Wednesday, that an Iranian agent named Rambod Namdar, claimed to be a Jew, to communicate with Israeli women and recruit them for intelligence missions.

Namdar tried to recruit 5, after communicating with them via Facebook, to carry out secret missions for Iran

Subsequently, the women, all from central Israel, gathered in Namdar on Facebook. But the customer in later asked them to communicate via WhatsApp instead of Facebook.

Some of them suspected it might be an Iranian intelligence officer, but they kept talking to him

He refused to show his face

He also spoke to them multiple times via “Video Call” but refused to show his face, claiming that his phone’s camera was broken.

While some suspected he might be an Iranian intelligence officer, they kept talking to him and agreed to comply with his requests. in money exchange.

investigation and trial

Furthermore, the Shin Bet indicated that this operation was thwarted in collaboration with the police and the five women, currently under investigation, were arrested.

Some of them were also indicted, but their names were not made public by a court decision, following a request made by the suspects’ attorney.

This recruitment attempt is part of the indirect conflict between the two countries, which in recent years has taken on a cyber character and has turned more to electronic piracy and naval warfare, as well as to some attacks on sensitive sites. in Iran, e questlast pointed his finger in Tel Aviv.

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