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An Iranian report to deceive the revolutionaries: Amini “sick” and Zada ​​”committed suicide”

On Friday, the Iranian Forensic Authority unveiled a new version of the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, whose death following her arrest by the moral police sparked widespread protests, claiming she died due to the repercussions of a previous one. disease and not for “blows” on the vital organs.

And the report, published by media officers in Iran, claimed that “Mahasa Amini’s death was not due to blows to the head or vital organs of the body”, but rather related to the repercussions of having “undergone” surgery to remove a brain tumor at the age of eight. years”.

Police arrested Amini on September 13 in Tehran for wearing “improper clothes”, and authorities said she suffered a heart attack after being transferred. in a police station “for disciplinary reasons”.

Amini’s family denied that he suffered from heart problems and his father said, in earlier, that “his leg was injured” and blamed the police for his death.

On September 28, Amini’s cousin told new information about the cause of her death, and said: “They beat her as witnesses and told her brother. According to witnesses, she was beaten with sticks on the head, legs and on her face with their fists. Her brother witnessed this. They beat her in front of him as he testified. “

Sarina Ismailzadeh

Friday, i media Iranians cited authorities for denying reports that security forces were involved in the killing of the 16-year-old girl during her participation in protests sparked by the death of a young woman while in police custody.

Authorities have indicated that the girl committed suicide by jumping off a roof, according to “Reuters”.

Amnesty International and reports on social media they claim that the security forces killed Sarina Ismailzadeh when they hit her with batons in head during protests over the killing of Mahsa Amini.

There semi-Official Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) quoted the chief judge of the province of Alborz where she died, Sarina Ismailzadeh, saying that the preliminary investigation shows that her death was caused by suicide on the roof of a five-story building. .

Human rights groups say more than 150 people have been killed, hundreds injured and thousands arrested in crackdown on protests that represent the biggest challenge for clerics in power in Iran for years.

Women played a prominent role in the protests, with some veils waving and burning, as did high school students.

In a report published on September 30, Amnesty International said that Zada ​​was one of at least 52 people killed by security forces between September 19 and 25 and that “she died after being severely beaten in the head with batons. “.

A video clip of Ismaelzadeh smiling and listening to music was viewed around 147,000 times on the widely followed account (1500) on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Iranian authorities said 17-year-old Nika Chakermi had also “fallen from a great height” and activists say she was killed in Tehran while participating in a rally to protest Amini’s killing.

THE media state officials reported this week that authorities had opened an investigation into the case of Shakermi’s death and cited officials who said the matter had nothing to do with the protests and that she had fallen from a roof and had no bullet wounds. on her body.

For her part, Nika Shakermi’s mother Nasreen accused the authorities of being responsible for her daughter’s death on the sidelines of her participation in the protests, in a video broadcast by channels in language get out of Iran, according to AFP.

Iran witnessed three weeks of protests following Amini’s death on September 16, and the protests, which were attended by college students and students, resulted in the deaths of dozens, including members of the security forces, according to “AFP. “.


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