An opposition MP from I do not trust the Turkish judiciary and die Government is divided

Pro-Kurdish HDP MP Hoda Kaya said that die Turkish judiciary was not independent in the face of pressure from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government on this institution, and pointed to a split in Erdogan’s government over the closure of the HDP and they called everyone Shadow of opposition to die unite current government.

An independent judiciary

In a special statement to On the subject of the closure of the HDP, Kaya said: “On the 31st of this month, the Supreme Constitutional Court will begin investigating the closure case, but independence will not remain in this justice of die Top of the pyramid for all units, the plaintiff. The public and die Judges all get orders on their cell phones or put before them as papers, and we see that also I don’t think the Supreme Constitutional Court will deliver a fair and independent judgment despite government pressure. There have to be opponents, but we will wait and see how much they can represent.

Comprehensive reports

over die Lawsuits against opposition MPs said Kaya: “The last time, as an investigation in Regarding the Kobani case brought against nine MPs, including myself, we have received legal charges, but this is not die first investigation I received ten charges against me from the court, there are cases. Open and suspended, and by these decisions we can say that they are comprehensive reports of our right as they include all activities die we have performed such. B. Solidarity with the students of Bosphorus University, work over die Rights of women and all the vigils, die we have undertaken to this day, that is, they have any job die we have done in converted a file for investigation. “

Divided government

Regarding the reason for the Turkish government’s insistence on closing the HDP, Kaya told Al-Arabiya Net: “The HDP’s democratic objections inside or outside parliament and within civil society they have in die Power of the influence of the strongest placed opposition parties, die Justice and Development Party. He does everything in in his power to stop this vital structure, die has led to an increase in the growing power of democratic voices and the structure of the opposition. “

She added, “But when I say that, I don’t mean that die Government has only one opinion or one vote; there are several fragmented structures within government. While there is a section within the government that promotes more democracy there is die other party, die says: let’s close, cancel and quit, we have to. “We are not going to let their voices rise again. They follow this concept and this policy and I see that the HDP problem has caused a deep rift within the EU government and I assume that it has die Results of this breakdown will be published next summer.

She concluded with a message to all Turkish opposition parties and said: “At the end of my speech I would like to say that die Opposition parties die Politics and die Government intentions in in reference to die Have to read and analyze the Popular Party’s question carefully If you don’t read it correctly you will help this regime, but if you read it perfectly it means that it is time to die Unify structures of democratic political and civil opposition at the level of individuals or institutions, and stand side by side without giving the games of this government more opportunities, and if this unification does not take place today, then it may be too late tomorrow. “

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