An unprecedented picture .. “Brotherhood” is right in Israel allied

The pioneers of social networking sites spread an image that an unprecedented situation in Israel, as it appears in the picture, reflects that of the Brotherhood, Mansour Abbas, leader of the United Arab List and far-right Zionist Navatali Bennett. is close, and the left Yair Lapid, leader of the party “There is a future”, after their successful agreement die Formation of a new government and the overthrow of the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the longest government in the history of Israel.

Although die Brotherhood allegations of treason and labor in Raising all directions, it is now a stark example of contradiction as Israeli media reported that the Shura Council of the South Islamic Movement allowed United Arab List leader Mansour Abbas to become the leader of the party “There is a future “, Yair Lapid, um die to be able to form the Israeli government.

In the elections last March did die United Arab list won four seats, which could tip the balance in the camp against Netanyahu.

Israeli opposition party leaders say they are on the verge of approving a new government before midnight, which could end Benjamin Netanyahu’s twelve-year presidency of right-wing governments.

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