An Unsavory Aspect of Using Magic in the Marvel Universe Is Revealed by Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange, a prominent figure in the Marvel Universe, has shed light on the dark downside of being a magic user in the Marvel Universe. In Marvel’s magic community, there are varying levels of power and different alignments, but Doctor Strange’s revelation in G.O.D.S. #2 uncovers a tragic and common thread that unites all of Marvel’s magic users, regardless of their nature.

The Solitary Nature of Magic

In G.O.D.S. #2, written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Valerio Schiti, Doctor Strange exposes the solitary nature of being a magic user. He explains that the path of a magic user is a solitary one, devoid of peers, colleagues, or friends. This insight gives a glimpse into the harsh truth about the life of a magic user in the Marvel Universe, emphasizing the isolation and alienation that comes with wielding such power.

Redefining Marvel Universe

G.O.D.S. is a series that aims to redefine certain aspects of Marvel lore, including magic users and cosmic beings. The book explores the delicate balance between the science-based Natural Order of Things and the magic-themed Powers That Be, with Doctor Strange’s revelation adding a new layer to this redefinition. The ongoing threat posed by an evil magician named Cubisk Core and the impending Babylon Event pushes the Natural Order and the Powers That Be to work together, highlighting the dangers and uncertainties that magic users face.

Doctor Strange’s Perspective

As one of Earth’s most powerful magic users and the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange has a unique perspective on the world of magic in the Marvel Universe. His experiences and insights point to the inherent dangers and challenges that come with wielding magical abilities.

Embracing the Harsh Truth

Despite his own experiences and encounters with danger, Doctor Strange seems to have no interest in changing the solitary nature of being a magic user. His own journey, from the initial embrace of magic to his encounters with Baron Mordo and the Ancient One, reinforces the harsh truth of the solitary and alienating nature of magic in the Marvel Universe.

Doctor Strange’s revelation in G.O.D.S. #2 sheds light on the dark side of being a magic user in the Marvel Universe. The isolated and solitary nature of magic users, despite their varying alignments and levels of power, adds a new dimension to the understanding of magic in the Marvel Universe. As Marvel continues to explore the world of magic, Doctor Strange’s perspective brings to light the challenges and dangers faced by magic users, redefining our perception of this mystical aspect of the Marvel Universe.

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