Ancelotti promises an attacking approach for El Clasico.

Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian coach of Real Madrid, has urged his players to enjoy their game against Barcelona, commenting that they need to be the protagonists of this important match. They will only win if they perform to the best of their individual and collective abilities in both attack and defence. Ancelotti has emphasised that they are not thinking about the end of the championship, but rather, just focusing on winning this crucial match. The Real Madrid official website quotes Ancelotti as saying that predicting the progress of the match is very difficult as every match has its own unique story. Although Barcelona defended in the last game due to their one-goal lead, tomorrow’s match will be more attacking, but without taking any risks. Barcelona is acknowledged as a strong competitor in defence and conceding few goals, which allowed them to win their last game. Ancelotti has commented that he cannot guarantee staying at the club for the rest of his life as the decision lies with the club and will be made at the end of the season. However, he hopes that he can continue and enjoy the club’s support.