Home Sports Ancelotti protects Real Madrid from the “eyes of the envious”

Ancelotti protects Real Madrid from the “eyes of the envious”

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has deliberately kept the envious eyes of his team after the start of the campaign to defend the Spanish league and the Champions League, avoiding defeat in the prime 15 games played since the beginning of the new season, in an interview with journalists on the sidelines of Sevilla direct in the Spanish league. The club Reale is impressing with a fictitious start, which has so far resulted in 13 matches, compared to just two draws against Osasuna in the local league and Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk in Champions League, as the seventh time in the history of clubarriving at the 15th match in various competitions, without swallowing the bitterness of defeat even once. In response to the question about the reasons for Real’s strength and vigor in this season, and on the secret of his appearance in the unbeatable guise of the team, Mister Carlito told reporters: “I don’t think there is a team that escapes defeat. In football we are like any team, we can be defeated by any competitor. in league or champions, this is normal in the world of football, and for me. I know very well that difficult moments will come, as happened last season, but the most important thing is to be good at dealing with them and be ready to face difficult circumstances ”. The Italian coach, on the other hand, risks the absence of the leader and top scorer Karim Benzema from facing the head of Andalusia, according to sources close to the club, who leaked the news of his injury in the last meters of the championship. main training on Saturday night, after which he was forced to abandon training, in a condition There are doubts about his readiness for the match, including reports and newspapers that indicate that it is only a minor injury, and others that confirm his participation will depend on the results of the medical examination, before heading to the “Santiago Bernabeu”. Real Madrid will play the epic of Seville, that is in leads the Spanish league, with 28 points in the first 10 rounds, for a total of 9 wins and a draw, including the great moral victory, obtained at the expense of Barcelona’s eternal rival in the Clasico last weekend, and was the reason for the isolation of the comrades.Benzema is in head to the League by 3 points from Grana Azzurro, days after deciding the card for the nomination for the Champions League playoffs, in one moment in which Barça is preparing for an early exit from the two-eared cup, with its complex position in the round of death accompanied by the black beast Bayern Munich, the stubborn Italian competitor of Inter and the banker of the group, Viktoria Plzen, Czech.


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