Angela Simmons talks about his lack of life Meet In “Growing Up Hip Hop” Clip- “It is a dry land”

If you look at the WE hit TV series “Growing Up Hip Hop” you probably know that Angela Simmons was quite open regarding his dating life or lack thereof. Recently, she and her big sister Vanessa Simmons talked about meetings and Angela has certainly not high hopes today.

Vanessa asked Angela what was going on with her love life at the moment and Angela quickly responded with “nothing.” Angela then noted how the scene meetings was dry, declaring it specifically “dry land”. The sisters then threw a few dating suggestions to put Angela on track.

Vanessa told her she had someone in mind that it might actually really and connect with, but Angela was not so sure and instead suggested speed dating. His sister did not seem to be a fan of the idea but had still left to do.

It’s good to see Angela try to make a start on his love life, things recently got pretty intense when Romeo Miller addressed the real reason the two are not close or continue a relationship.

Romeo recently published this on social networks:

“I’m not one to entertain gossip but it sucks when people play with my faith. So I’ll leave that here once. Faith is not to be perfect (or judge) but more to show / distribute your light in the hope of helping others. Without saying too much, I understand that things were edited in some way, but simply read between the lines. Shoutout to the fan who posted this video, because I am nothing but respectful and although we have our differences, I unfriend someone on what they post on social media “.

“Was more context convo me and V (Vanessa) about whether each action having an REACTION and be able to live with that. It’s life. We all have free will and we all change constantly. As for me and Ang (as others in my life), we have not been close for years, and I refuse to live a lie on TV. The silver lining, the thing that I love this @guhh_wetv show is that the viewer can learn so many precious stones of life without having to go through it “.

You can see “Growing Up Hip Hop” Thursday night at 21 pm on WE TV.

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