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Angelina Pivarnick Explains Why She Just Needed To Get Plastic Surgery Before Her Wedding Event!


Due to the fact that of this one problem that she kept experiencing,

The Jersey Coast star was not extremely positive at all before getting breast implants! That being stated, Angelina Pivarnick actually wished to go under the knife before getting married!

Additionally, she likewise exposed how her hubby responded to her enhanced and brand-new properties throughout a brand-new interview.

It’s been nearly a year because the plastic treatment happened and now, Angelina is all set to talk more about the entire experience along with discuss why she actually desired them done before her wedding event.

That being stated, after formerly gushing over the cosmetic surgeon that dealt with her, she is now sharing what led her to him in the first location.

Angelina informs HollywoodLife that ‘The reason I had them done is that I struggled my whole life with fluctuation of weight and they were sagging. They were not as up as they should for my age. I have never had children and I did not understand why they were so droopy and when I went to see Dr. Tutela, he said I was the perfect candidate.’

According to the reality TELEVISION star, her chest’s ‘fullness was gone‘ which is why she would have confidence issues when it came to wearing certain items of clothing including bathing suits and certain shirts she wanted to wear on TV but knew she couldn’ t fill appropriately.

The exact same problem she came across while she was trying out bridal gown before weding Chris Larangeira back in November.


‘Trying on different wedding dresses before my surgery, my boobs wouldn’ t have the ability to fill them out like they are now. I certainly wished to look my finest on my wedding. I desired my hubby to be delighted with them. He kept informing me that I did not need them done, however he is so helpful and I described that I desired them done and informed him he ‘d like them too, so it is a plus-plus,’ the MTV superstar likewise shared.

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