Angelina Pivarnick has yet to speak to her co-stars after the speech hurting bridesmaids at her wedding

After their hurtful speech by bridesmaids at her wedding, it looks like Angelina Pivarnick has no plans to forgive her Jersey Shore co-stars! As you may have heard, the reality star was so upset to hear what the ladies who were supposed to be supporting her said about her that she had cried on her special day!

In fact, she felt so bad about all of this that she is seriously considering planning a new wedding!

JWoww, Snooki and Deena Cortese, whom Angelina has known for years, were just trying to make their speech funny but the bride was not amused.

Now a source tells HollywoodLife that “Angelina has not spoken to Deena, Nicole or Jenni since the day of her wedding and has absolutely no desire to do so. Angelina felt it was beyond call and does not intend to forgive them. “

At this point, it seems that she is even having a hard time understanding that they did this to her and coping with the disastrous marriage.

The insider said that Angelina “felt like she had ruined her marriage. She feels that Deena, Nicole and Jenni took something from her and she will never forget it. Angelina is still so hurt by all the girls. She did not expect it on her wedding day. “

At first glance, it seems that other reality TV women will have to do a lot to be forgiven.


At the same time, Snooki actually left the series and previous insider reports claimed that one of the main reasons she quit was because she felt so bad about the speech at the wedding. Angelina.

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