Anger in Turkey after a woman was killed in an attack on the headquarters of an anti-Erdogan party

In the last few hours it was die Turkish street witnessed a public anger and demonstrations in the streets to oppose die To protest the murder of a Kurdish woman, die Was a member of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party and lost her life in an armed attack at the headquarters of the opposition party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the western state of Izmir.

Deniz Poyraz, 37, died this afternoon, Thursday, at opposition party headquarters where she was alone, as an official from the People’s Democratic Party told Al confirmed.

Barakat Qar, a member of the party’s foreign relations committee, said: “The attacker shot our comrade right at headquarters and she died.”

He added that “die Act took place despite the fact that die Central security protection through die Police enjoy “, in an indirect allegation of the leniency of the security authorities towards the assailant arrested after the murder of Poyraz.

He continued, “How is the assailant who was carrying a rifle, in penetrated the headquarters, in front of which policemen are standing? “

The Turkish authorities prevented die Family of the victim on entering the headquarters, said Qar, who also caused anger among supporters of the pro-Kurdish party and its allies in other opposition parties of the Turkish President revealed.

Besides, he mainly did die Police for die Act responsible because it was not doing its job justice and the attacker was not involved in the intrusion in die Could prevent party headquarters.

He also described the incident as “thoughtful aggression against die pro-Kurdish party “, die the result of the so-called “incitement campaigns” by Turkish officials against die Party.

Qar stated that die Supporters of the party and a number of their parliamentarians started their sit-in strike in front of the party’s headquarters in Izmir continue as they oppose the incident as a “major escalation” die Consider party to which he belongs.

The attack on the headquarters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) about a month ago is the second of its kind. Its headquarters also opened in mid-May in attacked the capital Ankara, but there were no casualties while die Authorities took die Culprit not firm.

The Turkish government has not yet published an explanation of today’s crime, but convicted Erdogan opponents, including die Republican People’s Party, die Assassination of the Kurdish woman and the attack on the headquarters of the pro-Kurdish party. Prominent unions too in condemned Turkey die Assassination of Poyraz. Among them is the Syndicate of Turkish Engineers, that in his statement said: “We condemn the armed attack on the headquarters of the People’s Democratic Party in Izmir and extend our condolences to the relatives of the victim who has lost her life “for all supporters of the party.”

“This attack is not just aimed at die HDP, but also parts of society, especially those who die Demand peace and brotherhood “, so die Labor union.

Although die Authorities die Identity of the attacker has not yet been disclosed, released supporters of the “Peoples of Democracy ” in posted an image on social media of the murderer who, according to eyewitnesses, shot 10 people in the party headquarters had given.

The attacker, who is to be called Onur Ganjar, had previously in Fought Syria and featured in more than one picture while lifting the badge of the extremist Turkish “Gray Wolves”, die directed against Kurds, Armenians and other minorities in Turkey.

A few days ago the European Parliament approved a recommendation die Turkish organization classified as a “terrorist” organization months after it in France and Germany die Terror list was set.

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