Animal Crossing streamer gives away dozens of Raymonds, other desirable villagers

A full- fledged economy has developed around Animal Crossing villager trading, with Raymond being the most valuable of them all. The smug, odd-eyed feline is dapper, wonderful, and insanelydesirable Dedicated fans routinely trade stacks upon stacks of Nook Miles Tickets and millions of bells for the chance to get Raymond on their island. Previously this month, Raymond “in boxes” offered in an eBay auction for $902

PokéNinja, a streamer and content creator, wanted to shake this up by handing out villagers for totally free as a remedy to high costs and greed. Using a game conserve editor, he had the ability to produce any villager– even Raymond–in a ready-to-move status. When a villager is “in boxes,” the first individual who visits them can talk them into moving into their town. Right After PokéNinja hosted his free gift, he was overwhelmed by demands. “I currently have about 100+ PMs + 100+ replies all asking me for a villager. I’m not ignoring y’all,” he stated in a tweet.

So you guys comprehend. I currently have about 100+ PMs + 100+ responds all asking me for a villager. I’m not overlooking y’ all. Just gon na need time to respond to any of these concerns.

Please see my pinned tweet for any more information on a villager. Hope you comprehend and thanks again!

— PokéNinja (@iPokeNinja) May 22, 2020

Over the course of a couple of hours, he offered away about 30 Raymonds, along with other popular villagers, like Marshal and Judy.

Regrettably, his grand free gift is over, however he’s preparing to share more villagers in thefuture “I did see a message from someone saying that they’d like to donate to a charity of choosing for a villager and I loved that idea so I might snowball that into another random idea soon as well,” he tweeted.

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