Animated bursts aren’t the way we work, says Stokes, referring to Kohli’s body language

The question was related to India’s aggressive behavior on your face by Captain Kohli while setting up or celebrating a wicket fall.

“Every team and every player has a certain way of acting on the field, which makes them successful. As a team in the last four to five years it has not worked for us like that,” said Stokes on the eve of her must-win second ODI against India here.

“We stick to what we do best and what we do to build a better team. Each team has the right to its own way of working. India has there and we have ours,” said the dashing all-rounder.

When asked if he prefers a “nice or prickly” Virat, Stokes gave a wise answer: “Personally, I prefer Virat not get runs because that’s not good for us.”

After their 66-run loss in the first ODI, England risks being usurped for their No. 1 leaderboard, but Stokes said it wasn’t their driving force.

“We deserve to be number 1 based on our results and the way we played cricket and we are not going to stray from it. Being number 1 is obviously a fantastic thing to do when you’re next to yours Names stand out as a team, but it’s not our driving style. ” Makes.

“Our driving force is the way we do it and our approach to playing the game. And that’s what made us successful. The more successful we are, the greater the chance and the greater the chance of being at No . ” 1. “

In the absence of Joe Root, the English all-rounder was promoted to third place as a finisher. Stokes announced that he would not change his mind for the new role at the suggestion of England-Designate No. 3.

“I actually sent Root a message just to ask about his position on # 3. He was pretty clear to me and just said, ‘play the way you play.’ Just because he plays a certain way doesn’t mean that that I have to try and play like.

“At # 3 I would potentially face 100 balls compared to maybe 60-70 as I usually do. I haven’t changed too much, just might face a slightly different situation, especially when starting out of my innings . “

While there would be comparisons to Root, Stokes would ideally prefer to follow the test captain’s mantra.

“There’s talk of who’s going to root this place that’s not here. People will keep talking, but I’ll just go out and do what I was asked to.”

Stokes will likely open for Rajasthan Royals at the IPL too, but the all-rounder said it wouldn’t affect where he beats for England at the T20 World Cup.

“It’s a talking point and it always seems to come up, but everyone deserves to be where they are on this list. Why are we changing that?” he asked.

He has the feeling that everyone deserves their place in the English line-up. “Everyone on our T20 batting team deserves to be where they deserve it. We have been impressive in white ball format for over several years. Just because we lost the T20 series doesn’t mean we are have to.” start changing things. “

With two injuries to Eoin Morgan (split webbing) and Sam Billings (collarbone), England could debut Liam Livingstone four years after representing the country in T20Is.

Stokes is confident that a “fearless” Livingstone would seize the opportunity if selected for the second ODI.

“He’s one of those people who won’t miss the opportunity if he had the chance. He’s a fearless cricketer. He’s got the kind of attitude we want to incorporate into our setup going forward.” he said.

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