Anime Studio P.A. Works Reveals Main Visual and Trailer for New Feature Film ‘Komada: A Whisky Family’

P.A. Works Presents “Komada: A Whisky Family”: A Highly Anticipated Anime Film

Anime Studio P.A.

P.A. Works is a highly acclaimed studio known for producing some of the best anime in the industry. While they are recognized for their action-themed anime, the studio has recently announced their latest project, the original anime film ‘Komada: A Whisky Family.’

With the release of new promotional material, anticipation for the film has reached fever pitch, and now the studio has unveiled further details about the movie, further fueling excitement among fans.

Main Visual and Trailer for “Komada – A Whisky Family”

On Tuesday, P.A. Works revealed the main visual and a new trailer for their upcoming feature-length anime film, “Komada – A Whisky Family” (Komada Jōryūsho e Yōkoso). The film is scheduled to open in Japan on November 10.

The trailer introduces the additional cast and staff members, offering a glimpse into the world of the film. It also features a preview of the theme song, “Dear my future,” by Saori Hayami, who voices the protagonist Rui Komada.

Main visual released!

The main visual for “#Welcome to Komada Distillery” was unveiled on Friday, November 10th.
It showcases the distillery’s storage room in the background, with the main characters Ryū and Kotaro prominently featured.

You can also find the visual on the official website:

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Additional Cast and Staff

Here are the newly revealed cast members for the film:

CharacterCastOther Works
Rindo TōkaiShinpachi TsujiGranchio (91 Days)
Yūsuke SaitōKenichi SuzumuraSokabe (Ajin)
Kō KomadaKenyuu HoriuchiOguma (Beastars)
Miō KomadaKikuko InoueUraha (Air)
Kei KomadaYūichi NakamuraRonaldo (91 Days)

In addition to the cast, the film boasts talented staff members, including:

PositionStaffOther Works
Art DirectorYūsuke TakedaA Whisker Away
Color DesignMiho TanakaBurn the Witch
3D DirectorMotonari IchikawaFairy Gone
Compositing Director of PhotographyTomo NamikiFairy Tail
EditingAyumu TakahashiAnother

The upcoming original work by P.A. Works promises to be an exceptional film with its stellar staff and cast.

About Komada – A Whisky Family

Komada – A Whisky Family (Komada Jōryūsho e Yōkoso) is an original anime film produced by P.A. Works. It is set to debut in theaters in November and will also compete at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival (Contrechamp category).

The story revolves around Kotaro, a news reporter who visits the Komada Distillery for a project on Japanese craft whisky. The distillery is led by Rui Komada, a young woman who took over the business after her father’s passing.

As Rui navigates the challenges of a natural disaster, financial difficulties, and familial issues, she strives to revive her family’s renowned whisky, Koma, which ceased production years ago.

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