Ankara announces die Establishment of a Turkish military base in northern Iraq

The Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu announced today, Friday, die Establishment of a Turkish military base in the Metina region in Northern Iraq and had die Importance of the region for his country. According to Turkish media.

In a briefing before the Central Committee and the Executive Council of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) about die military operations of the Turkish army in Metina, Zab, Avashin Basian and Qandil in Northern Iraq confirmed to Soylu that die military operations in to be continued against Northern Iraq die PKK.

While die electronic newspaper DUVAR quoted Soylu as saying, “Operations in northern Iraq are continuing. The Al-Matina area is an important place like this in Syria is the case. We will set up a base here and control the area. This area is. ” die Crossing line to Qandil. We will keep it. That line will be under control. “”.

A senior Turkish government official announced about a year ago that die Turkish army intends to build three new military bases in the Sinat and Haftin regions in Northern Iraq.

Turkey invaded under the pretext die To pursue the PKK, in invade Iraqi airspace, but these attacks often result in civilian casualties.

Turkish operations in northern Iraq

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced die Continuation of the destruction of the goals of the “PKK” die Operations “Lightning Claw” and “Thunderbolt Claw” in Northern Iraq.

“Our Turkish armed forces continue to destroy terrorist targets in northern Iraq through operations like Lightning Claw and Thunderbolt Claw,” the ministry said in a statement released Thursday and attached to a video clip of the hostilities.

Turkey started at the same time on April 23 die “Lightning Claw” and “Thunderbolt Claw” operations against PKK elements in the Matina and Afshin-Basian areas in northern Iraq.

In recent years, Turkish armed forces have carried out intensive operations against Kurdish militants, die consider them terrorists, both in Iraq and in Syria. This is a reaction to attacks die were carried out or planned by elements of the Kurdish Workers’ Party, die die Turkey has been struggling for more than 3 decades within the country and beyond.

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