Ankara is asking Moscow to stop its raids in Syria’s de-escalation zone

Turkish media reported that Ankara had informed Moscow of the need to immediately stop the attacks in the de-escalation zone in Syria and that it had put its armed forces on alert.

The Turkish Defense Ministry accused the regime’s armed forces of targeting a hospital in Idlib in addition to rocket attacks on the de-escalation areas.

While the observatory reported that Russian planes bombed sites and facilities in areas near cities and camps in northwest Syria near the Turkish border.

The return of the clashes around Ain Issa

On the other hand, the clashes are due to the proximity of the city of Ain Issa in northern Syria, between the Syrian democratic forces on the one hand and the Turkish armed forces and the factions loyal to them on the other hand as Syrians The Human Rights Observatory said the clashes broke out when the Turkish army and the factions loyal to her tried to advance in two villages north of the west of the city of Ain Issa.

A spokesman for the “SDF” told the French press that the Turkish operations are accompanied by violent bombing by mortars, artillery and fighter planes. The story agrees with the observatory’s statement that a Turkish fighter plane was aimed at military locations of the “Qasd”. in the village of Saida in the Ain Issa countryside. After the failure of the pro-Turkish factions to make progress on this axis.

In turn, Turkish security sources denied that Turkish warplanes raided the region, but said their forces responded to an attack by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara said they opened fire on.

5 dead in artillery fire by regime troops

On another front, five civilians were killed in artillery shells fired by regime troops targeting Al Atareb hospital in the western Aleppo countryside with six shells. According to the observatory, the bombing hit the courtyard and entrance of the city hospital, which also injured 11 people, including hospital employees.

In northwest Syria, witnesses and opposition sources reported that Russian fighter jets bombed areas near cities and camps near the Turkish border in the first such attack this year.

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