Entertainment Anne Hathaway fans convinced she gave birth secretly after...

Anne Hathaway fans convinced she gave birth secretly after being seen carrying a newborn


It may be time for fans to send Anne Hathaway their congratulatory messages as it looks like she gave birth to her second baby with her husband Adam Shulman! The reason people are pretty certain that this is the case is that the couple was seen with a newborn who was, indeed, also occupied by a newborn!

At the time, Anne and Adam were walking in Connecticut, marking the first appearance of the actress in front of the camera in recent weeks.

The married couple, however, has not yet officially informed the world that he now has two children.

If the actress really gave birth to their joy, it means that their other child, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman, born in 2016, is now a big brother!

The pregnancy was announced for the first time by Anne on social networks in July.

Along with a picture in which she was showing her growing baby, the star wrote, “It’s not for a movie … straight line to one of my pregnancies. I send you an extra love ????. “

Since then, she has exposed her belly several times, including at events on the red carpet.


Anne has already talked about motherhood and how it changed her life during Ellen’s stay in January of last year, telling the host that “I stopped drinking in October, for 18 years . One day, I did a school race where I dropped him off at school, I did not drive, but I had a hangover and that was enough for me. I did not like it. “

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