Another crime in Al-Hol … 3 Iraqi refugees were killed by ISIS bullets

Go despite security campaigns to curb violence in Al-Hol camp in northeast Syria die Murders continue as three Iraqi refugees, including a woman, were killed by armed men from IS cells.

This is the second crime since July 14, when an Iraqi refugee was killed and a Turkish child was executed.

This is happening while tens of thousands of foreign women and children from IS families are still living in the camp as themselves die most of their countries refused to return after joining the terrorist organization.

Another crime in Al-Hol … 3 Iraqi refugees were killed by ISIS bullets

Security campaign in the Al-Hol camp (AFP)

Previous security campaigns

The camp had witnessed previous security campaigns: arrested in late March die internal security forces dozens of suspects, including wanted items, die have committed multiple charges and terrorist crimes, in a campaign, die affected all sectors and involved 5,000 fighters and members of the Syrian democratic and anti-Syrian forces Terrorism has increased in near the camp in near the neighboring city of al-Hol. expanded with the support of international coalition forces and the US Army

What is remarkable is that die The number of crimes since the end of the first phase of the security campaign has been 19 murders, which is no cause for optimism given fears of a resurgence of the murders in the Al-Hol camp.

A previous February United Nations report also monitored and urged cases of extremism, training and fundraising die Conducting foreign operations, die in falling within the framework of unrest and terrorism until the camp’s title became a “ticking bomb”, die threatens to explode at any time.

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