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Another Crypto Startup Targets the Public With New Fear-busting Mascot


Blockchain by Figure. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, Figure

Silicon Valley- based financial services startup Figure has actually introduced a quote to make dispersed journal technology more friendly– by developing a crypto-themed mascot that its masterminds hope will eliminate public fears about blockchain technology.

This is “Blockchain,” an anamorphic, talking, strolling, wisecracking stack of blocks that is not just huggable and charming, however likewise wishes to inform you on “how fast and convenient” Figure can use and protect loans. The adorable mascot likewise wishes to inform you everything about “how the power of blockchain makes the post-loan process more efficient, secure and less costly.”

The Financial Times, so frequently a source of crypto-skepticism, took the news with a pinch of salt, quipping,

“We now have a personification of the marvel that is the distributed dream-ledger. And what’s especially lucky is that personification of the blockchain has given unto us a literal blockhead.”

However Figure seems fatal major about the enlightening powers of its new mascot project.

Brad Simmons, Figure’s chief marketing officer, mentioned,

“Rather than ignore the challenge of educating consumers about blockchain technology, we chose to embrace it. We saw an opportunity to own the demystification of blockchain by creating a relatable and helpful character named Blockchain who will work to bridge the knowledge gap and break down the benefits of blockchain technology in easily digestible terms.”

The business is set to include its new mascot in advertising campaign that air throughout broadcast and digital platforms in the United States, with 30-second areas and a longer video set for release.

Watch the newest reports by Block TELEVISION.

The advertisements will describe how Figure incorporates blockchain technology in its item portfolio, that includes home loan refinancing, a home equity line and student loan refinancing.

However this cuddly mascot has actually likewise been charged with a crucial objective: assisting the public conquer its blockchain scare.

Simmons states that some individuals are terrified of blockchain technology or “confuse it with something volatile and potentially scary,” and declares that “very few folks really understand what blockchain’s capabilities are.”

Which is where this charming block-shaped mascot can be found in.

The longer movie, entitled “Meet Blockchain,” shows the lovable Blockchain team up with other puppet good friends to separates blockchain tech from the “scary rumors surrounding cryptocurrency”– while showing how Figure utilizes the technology to “make the post origination loan process faster and easier than the way things are traditionally done.”

In the words of Blockchain himself,

“You’ve either heard of me and you don’t know what I do, or you’ve never heard of me and you don’t know what I do.”


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