Another front in the battle of the epidemic … the 3 most important vaccine myths

Fighting disinformation and misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine has become an important part of the efforts of governments and healthcare professionals, with the continuing reluctance of citizen groups to vaccinate.

To help share the facts and put things right in perspective, 11Alive aired the highlights on Facebook and contacted an expert directly for some clarifying answers.

The most common comments revolve around 3 “myths” on which Dr. Jane Morgan, director of the task focused in her answers force COVID-19 in Piedmont, Atlanta.

1. Survival rates from COVID-19

One person commented: “We don’t need a vaccine because the survival rate for the virus is 99.87%.”

“This is crazy,” explained Dr. Morgan, “The loss of a child is a very big loss. Losing a child during a pandemic when vaccines are available for adults to provide a protective zone around these children and herd immunity is a big one. These are preventable deaths. , regardless of their small number.

Added to this is the exposure of a growing share of people to the risk of serious illness from virus infection, and the burden this entails for the health system of countries, in addition to the serious effects of the so-called “long-term Covid.”

2. Natural immunity vs vaccine

Others wrote that people recovering from the coronavirus do not need the vaccine, claiming they “already have the antibodies.”

Dr. Morgan explained: “If in you previously had COVID-19, what we have learned is that your immunity remains good for a limited time. We know that there is a decrease in immunity. Some will have longer lasting immunity, but others are not. And we know that immunity is not as high as that provided by vaccines and we want everyone to have the highest possible immunity. “

3. Speed ​​of vaccine development

Other people have shown their concern for The development of the Covid-19 vaccine is very fast“How long have the measles, polio and tuberculosis studies lasted? They need to disclose more information about their studies,” they wrote.

Dr. Morgan replied that this speech lacked important context: “Before we got the COVID-19 vaccines, there were nearly two decades of scientific work preparing for an impending pandemic. And when people talk about these vaccines. and they say they are miraculous vaccines, they are not. It is the product of the integrity and ethics of the scholars in almost 20 years of work “.

Interestingly, the Corona outbreak and its expanding repercussions have imposed new rules not only on vaccine manufacturers, but also on supervisors and regulators, as everyone is facing a new reality that has turned the wheel. much faster than it was in the past.

Businesses and governments have sought to accelerate the timeframe for vaccine development by providing funding and facilitating the regulatory environment, as well as relying on biotechnology, while ensuring compliance with standard strict.

Dr. Morgan encourages others to speak directly with a doctor to address any specific vaccine concerns.

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