Another governor courts unvaccinated cops with transfer offer

The Republican Governor of Tennessee is calling on police officers in the United States for join the state highway patrol to bypass vaccination warrants elsewhere in the country, even offering to assist with moving expenses.

Governor Bill Lee made his step out-of-state policemen in a video message earlier this week, saying the Tennessee highway patrol “Don’t get between you and your doctor” with vaccination requirements, and offers a “full benefits package” long with free training, uniforms and gear.

“I have a message today for policemen in New York all way to the deputies out in Los Angeles: Us want your join the Tennessee traffic police, the governor said on Wednesday, swearing to ensure officers’ “Freedoms are protected”.

There are many highly skilled law enforcement agencies personnel who want to work in a state that does not get in the goal of personal health decisions, still also provides for a wonderful quality of life.

while it is remains it is not clear what funds will be used to cover the officers moving costs, Lee’s offer mirrors similar proposals made in many other states, with Florida, Alaska, Arizona And Indiana everyone in seeks poaching sacked officers over non-compliance with vaccination mandates, or at least recruitment timelines with the introduction of hit requirements in other states.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – among the most vocal critics of vaccine orders and other pandemic restrictions – launched a more ambitious plan in delay last month, saying he hopes to sign legislation that will offer a $ 5,000 transfer bonus to officers in escape from the mandate. “So NYPD, Minneapolis, Seattle, if you’re not treated well, we will treat you’d do better here “ He said.

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While President Joe Biden has issued a nationwide vaccine requirement for a number of groups – which has since been suspended in based on a court order: Police department warrants are usually decided by local officials. The rules have had a significant impact on law enforcement in all over the country, however, with Chicago police union estimating that more of 3,000 of its officers risk lose the job over the warrants, while the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has declined to enforce them, saying it would be reduce the force’S personnel by as much as 10%.

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