Another painful blow . the killing of a prominent Russian commander in Ukraine

With the continuation of Russian military operations in Ukraine, Moscow received another painful blow after the death of a prominent Russian military commander during the battles

Russian state broadcasting network GTRK Kostroma announced that Colonel Sergey Sukharev, commander of the 331st Parachute Regiment of the Russian Army, was killed in battle with four other members of the same regiment: Sergeant Sergey Lebedev, Sergeant Alexander Limonov, Corporal Yuri Degarev and Officer Alexei Nikitin.

In turn, the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukraine announced in a precedent post on Telegram that Ukrainian forces had killed Sukharev and his deputy, Major Sergei Krylov, both in service in the 331st National Guard Parachute Regiment in the Russian Army, Newsweek magazine reported.

Last seen in January

The center also explained in a statement that “the Sukharev battalion is known to have fought Ukraine in Donbass in 2014 and also participated in both the Chechen wars and the Russo-Georgian war in 2008”.

Sukharev was seen on Russian television last January when he led his troops from Kazakhstan, where they had been sent after a wave of protests.

No further details were disclosed about the killing of Sukharev and his deputy.

3 great generals

This comes when intelligence assessments, published by the New York Times, citing US Department of Defense officials and Russian, Ukrainian and NATO sources, revealed heavy casualties to the Russian military, estimated in about 7,000 soldiers, including 3 generals. , and wounded between 14,000 and 21,000 soldiers.

Ukrainian Defense Forces announced the killing of Russian General Andrei Sukhovsky during battles earlier this month, according to Ukrainian officials and media Russians.

The circumstances of the 47-year-old’s death were unclear, but the Kremlin-backed Pravda newspaper said he was killed “during a special operation. in Ukraine”.

It is noteworthy that Russia has launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24, a few days after the recognition of the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine, which was met with angry international reactions, most of which came from the European Union and NATO, in addition to the sanctions they have affected several sectors.

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