Anthony Duclair of the Ottawa Senators scores against Columbus, John Tortorella shows he “knows how to play”,

Anthony Duclair took the perfect day to win his first hat with the Ottawa Senators.

The 24-year-old dominated for the Sens on Saturday, scoring three of his team’s four goals to help Ottawa win a 4-3 overtime win over the Columbus Blue Jackets. Duclair dropped a pair of goals in the first period before sealing the game in OT with a power-play.

Saturday’s performance pushed Duclair to 18 goals a season, leading the Senators to 33 games. He is also the leader of his teams with 25, and is able to easily break highs in goals and points (22 and 44, respectively).

Needless to say, Pointe-Claire, Que., Native has a very good time.

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What makes Saturday’s performance so special is the fact that it came against Columbus – his former team – and coach John Tortorella. Duclair spent two-thirds of the 2018-19 campaign playing under Tortorella with the Blue Jackets, where their fiery coach was not ashamed to call on the left wing for a perceived lack of effort.

“I don’t think he knows how to play,” Tortorella told Duclair on February 19 – four days before the player was transferred to Ottawa. “It seems to me like he is a player who feels he can get the puck because he is extremely skilled. He can kick. I think he thinks he can do whatever he wants on the ice. .

“Here we are in his fourth team with another trainer shaming and moaning about him, waking him up, boasting him. … For me he is now out of the rails. to get him off the rails. “

The Blue Jackets haven’t spent much time trying to get Duclair back on the rails, but the subsequent change of scenery has done wonders for the sixth-year player. Achieving three goals against the coach he first heard publicly 10 months ago is definitely the cherry above what turns into a career for Duclair.

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