anti vaxxer who went to ‘corona’ party’ getting infected dies of Covid

One man is reported to have died and others are in intensive care after attending “coronavirus parties” in an offer on catch the sickness.

the 55-year-old man passed away in Austria last week after infection with Covid-19 during one such an event in the city of Bolzano in South Tyrol, Northern Italy.

At least three others people, including a child, would in have been hospitalized in Alpine region after catching the virus on similar events.

Health leaders believe the patients are anti-vaxxers who deliberately tried to get infected so that they have a “green” pass”, what is now required for work and free time in Italy, according to local media.

The only way get one pass in the country is either by vaccination of by recovering from an infection in the previous six months.

Patrick Franzoni, coordinator of the anti-Covid unit in Bolzano, the Italian newspaper told Il Dolomiti: “We have received more then one bill of doctors of patients who admitted to being infected on target.

“[They do this] to develop antibodies and to obtain the green ones pass without vaccination,” he said.

“There are long-term consequences and even young people may end up in Hopital.”

People show their EU digital Covid certificate to access ski lifts in Madonna di Campiglio, Northern Italy

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People show their EU digital Covid certificate to access ski lifts in Madonna di Campiglio, Northern Italy

(Flavio Lo Scalzo/Reuters)

According to Dr. Franzoni, at least: one of the partygoers are infected with the virus and the other attendees deliberately close met each other in get in touch with them by hugging, kissing and sharing drinks.

In a closed room, between 5 and 10 people can get infected “easily” in one night, he said.

The parquet in Bolzano has now reportedly opened an investigation into the so-called ‘corona parties’.

The practice is also thought to be widespread in Austria and Germany, with some anti-vaccine parents Reportedly met their children.

Bolzano is one of the worst affected areas in Italy, been hit hard by the winter Covid wave rages over the border from Austria.

Austria on Monday became the first country in Western Europe to have a lockdown again since the introduction in to set of vaccines.

Germany and the Netherlands could also face tougher limits, with German health minister, Jens Spahn predicts the most of the country would be “vaccinated, cured of dead” at the end of winter.

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