Anurag Kashyap ropes in Tabu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui for Thriller Factory

Anurag Kashyap has made a successful casting by getting ace artists like Tabu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui for Thriller Factory, the audio webseries led by him on the platform of the audio show. Thriller Factory reportedly told crime stories from the country’s best pulp fiction. The episodes are mainly cast by Tabu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui with other actors. Anurag is excited to venture into this new audio medium: “I’ve been hearing audio books for quite some time now. It’s like the magic that unfolds while your eyes are closed. When I was asked to direct this audio show, it looked like a cherry on the cake. It gave me the opportunity to feed my basic instincts. The joy of giving life to the Hindi pulp as Manohar Kahaniyaan and Satya Katha without censorship or any kind of control is immense. “

He remembers: “As a child, I first heard Sholay’s (1975) album, and then watched it on the big screen. narrative with the sound effects. Anurag insists that stories have always been part of our consciousness and elaborated: “As children, we have always heard stories and visualized them in our minds. When grandparents tell you stories about the world, before you even experience it, we can imagine it. ”

Nawazuddin also shared memories of his childhood in his village, where he listened to conversations between random people. There was a closed window in his yard, behind which was a desolate place. People, for various reasons, visited this place. Once, he heard conversations between a couple, who secretly met at this location. “I heard their conversations for over a month – from the moment they met until they broke up. I never saw their faces, only heard their voices. It was great for my imagination, “he reveals.

While Anurag and Nawazuddin go a long way and have created many hit movies and web series together, this is the first time Tabu and Anurag have come together. “This time too, he works with my voice, not with me,” Tabu complains jokingly. Anurag says, “We often did not work together, but things did not work out.” Anurag also remembers how he had told a script to Tabu years ago, before even making his debut as than director. Commenting on Anurag and Nawazuddin, who started working together more than ten years ago, Tabu chuckles: “They are a couple!” After Shool in 1997, Black Friday in 2007, the duo collaborated for several movies including Bombay Talkies , Talaash and Gangs of Wasseypur among others. Recently, they made the highly appreciated Sacred Games web-series.

Tabu is all admiration for them. “They’re a wonderful combination, and with some duos, no matter how many years they work together, there’s something about their shared frequency that can create magic on the screen,” she says. how easy or difficult it was to pass on a story only through their voices minus the visuals and answers of Tabu: “The focus was entirely on our voices, there was no other When you play, there are so many other elements, but here you have to remember to focus on the voice – it’s the only tool you have, it was a new but exciting process for me. “

In a light tone, she adds: “It was also super kyunki hair and makeup ka tension nahi tha. It was not necessary at all to look in the mirror. She says she likes doing voiceovers and is called a “troubled voice artist”. She jokes that she has asked her filmmaking friends to contact her if they need a voiceover artist. After the huge success of AndhaDhun, one wonders if Tabu explores thriller genre with a renewed passion. Said Tabu, “Not really. I do not explore any genre. People come to me with renewed passion and vigor for thrillers. They believe that this genre, this space in the cinema could be lucrative. “

The audio support has been Anurag’s companion for years. “Whenever I’m on a trip or on a long flight, I put my headphones in. As a filmmaker, this is the best exercise for the imagination.” Anurag then goes on to list the benefits of this news. OTT audio platform. “First, it’s free. Also as a filmmaker, I feel free to create without censorship or control. We had so much fun doing it. “We do not doubt it.


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