ANVIL Update – Patch Notes on January 25, 2022

ANVIL has released a new update for ANVIL with Patch Notes. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. The ANVIL Update is now available for download, for all platforms PS4. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Difficulty added

In the January update, we will add three new difficulties that players can play.

  • Czerny (Easy)
  • Campanella (Normal)
  • Campanella (Extreme)

Czerny (Easy)

  • Act as a tutorial mode
  • No Alert level system
  • Many guides and messages to help clear the game

Campanella (Normal)

The current Campanella will be considered the Hard mode.
A new Campanella normal mode will be added, which will allow players to clear the galaxy more easily.
the formatting will be the same, but boss health and other elements will be lowered.

Campanella (Extreme)

A new mode called Campanella (extreme) will be available.
We don’t want this to be just a very difficult mode, but a fun mode that people can have fun with.

  • Players will start out with a set amount of resources to spend
  • Bosses will be chosen at random from a pool of 7~9 Campanella bosses

Battle UX improvements

  • Allow use of survival skill (dash, shield, teleport) during a skill
  • Allow use of survival skill (dash, shield, teleport) when silenced
  • Increase to invulnerability period after a successful counterattack
  • Ability to check relic stack effect from 3rd stack onward before purchase
  • Status effect indication on the boss health bar

System improvements

  • Transition phase to stat page after clearing galaxy added
  • Communication through icons added
  • Improvements to alert level experience – more visibility
  • Fixes to major crash issues

This update will act as a sneak peek at what the Season update in March will bring.
New Breaker: Quake

Quake will be made available with the February update for free.
During this period, we hope to receive lots of good feedback on gameplay and balance before we officially add him in March.

Quake is a fighter type and uses Drill Gauntlet as his starting weapon.

More details on Quake will come before the February update.

Season Pass Boost Up

After the February update, the VP earned per round will greatly increase to help players obtain Season Pass rewards.

Preview of Journey Mode

We will have the UI for the Journey mode which will be our feature mode for our Season updates available to be seen on the February update. We are still contemplating how much of the content we can expose to playtest before March, but for the meantime, that will be arriving with the Season update on March.

Season Update

Each Season will come with a new Breaker, boss, mission, Toy Worker, relics, skins and Season Pass.

Source: ANVIL