Aoun asks the governor of the Banque du Liban to hand over the data necessary for the criminal checks

Today, Wednesday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun asked Banque du Liban Governor Riad Salameh to submit data for a criminal investigation related to the bank’s activities, saying that Alvarez & Marcel, a restructuring consultancy firm, had declared that he did not have the information he needed despite a month having passed since the start of his work.

Aoun made his remarks during a meeting with Salameh and Finance Minister Youssef Khalil on the audit, which is part of efforts to address the repercussions of Lebanon’s financial meltdown in 2019 that pushed large sectors of the country into poverty.

The presidency stated in a note that Salama and Khalil informed the president that “they are taking what is necessary and as quickly as possible for this purpose” to meet the company’s demands.

Alvarez & Marsal withdrew from auditing the central bank’s accounts in November 2020 because they lacked the necessary data to carry out the mission. He agreed to return in September 2021 after authorities promised to make sure he had everything he needed.

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