Apex Legends hits a new player record on Steam in Season 8

Apex Legends hit a new record for the number of players on Steam after the start of Season 8, surpassing the previous number.

The start of season eight of Apex Legends was a little different from previous seasons as there was an anniversary event to celebrate the game’s second anniversary.

Other than that, the new season brought everything players expected – a new legend in the form of Fuse, a new weapon in the 30-30 repeater, map changes at Kings Canyon, and much more.

The new season seems to have been quite a success for Respawn Entertainment as they have now hit a new high on Steam – after their previous record set in season seven.


Fuse brought a brand new 30-30 repeater in Apex Season 8.

Apex was previously exclusive to EA’s Origin platform, but after lots of calls from fans, they finally let go of the popular Battle Royale and made it arrive on Steam in November.

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With the launch on Steam and the changes to Season 7, the number of players in the previous top tier was just under 130,000, but the hype and excitement for Season 8 contributed to that record surge.

According to SteamChartsApex, a website that tracks the number of players, hit a high of just under 197,000 players on Saturday, February 27th. The exact number was 196,799, so the game isn’t too far from 200,000.

While a new peak in the number of players is cause for celebration, there is no doubt that Respawn is aiming to hit 200,000 players and more on Steam alone.

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That could come later in season 8. Changes have already been discussed, with developers teasing buffs and nerfs for weapons – as well as a ton of lengthy patch notes. We just have to wait and see what happens. It might take the hype that comes with Season 9 to give the game another big boost.

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