Apex Legends server status: Respawn warns Unable to connect error could last days

Apex Legends server status: Respawn warns Unable to connect error could last days

Apex Legends server issues will continue (Image: RESPAWN)

The most recent Apex Legends Season 10 update has left lasting issues for gamers trying to play through the new content.

While a new event is currently ongoing, many gamers are still seeing issues with Apex Legends servers.

This includes being disconnected from matches and being unable to connect to EA hosted games.

The good news is that Respawn is working on the problem and is hoping to solve it as quickly as possible.

The bad news is that gamers could be waiting for the Apex Legends server status to return to normal.

One of the first messages from the team on Twitter explained: “We’re still seeing an unusual amount of Apex Legends players timing out when attempting to connect to matches—our team will keep working until we’ve got things back to normal.

And it was followed by further updates, including: “We’re ramping up our server capacity today and have some scheduled fixes for tomorrow.

“However, we believe some problems will require work through the weekend. Sincere apologies—we’re working as quickly as we can on a fix.”

And today has seen Respawn posted a new update that suggests things might not return to normal until around September 22.

Respawn confirmed the news to fans on Twitter, telling Apex Legends gamers: “Despite improvements today, we’re still seeing roughly three times the normal rate of disconnect errors in Apex Legends, and a full return to normal may take until our next planned patch on Sept 22. We’ll extend the current ranked split by one week—that update will go live Monday.”

A growing number of reports have been coming in regarding disconnects from servers and it appears the same issues will continue during peak hours through the weekend.

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