Apex Legends Set to Expand Beyond Battle Royale in Coming Year, Says EA CEO

Get ready Apex Legends players, because Electronic Arts is planning to take the game beyond the traditional battle royale universe in the coming year to attract even more players to the franchise.

At the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, EA CEO Andrew Wilson shared a plan for incredible growth for Respawn’s live service game, which marked its fifth anniversary in February. Wilson highlighted Apex Legends as one of the most successful new game IP launches in the last decade, with a community of hundreds of millions of players and an impressive retention rate.

But EA is not stopping there. The focus for the next 5-10 years is to make the game more accessible to new players and culturally relevant in different markets. Season 20 is just the beginning of this journey, aimed at driving more acquisition and engagement.

The latest season, Apex Legends: Breakout, has been praised for being the most fluid, fast-paced, and rewarding version of the game yet. And the future looks even more exciting, with plans to expand beyond the traditional battle royale universe and further appeal to a global audience.

Lead designers and developers at the studio are excited about the game’s evolution, aiming for a more approachable and competitive experience in the future. With a focus on growth and culturalization in untapped markets, the future of Apex Legends looks bright.

At the conference, Wilson also discussed the potential of generative AI in transforming the gaming industry, leading to richer and more personalized content at a rapid pace. This technological advancement is expected to drive significant audience expansion and offer a multi-billion dollar growth opportunity in the years to come.

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