Apex Legends Update for Season 16

After Season 16 of Apex Legends came out, players discovered that Respawn had secretly changed Wraith’s Heirloom. Over the last four years, Apex Legends has added several unique outfits for the many characters in the battle royale. But Wraith’s Kunai Knife stands out because it was the first Heirloom that could be bought when the game came out.

Respawn often adds new cosmetics to Apex Legends that players can buy and collect. For most players, the most valuable of these are the Heirlooms. These collectible skins change how Legends’ melee weapons look and are shown when players put their guns in their holsters. They look fantastic, and the fact that they are hard to get makes them even more special. Players need Heirloom Shards to unlock them.

When Season 16 of Apex Legends started, players noticed that Wraith’s Heirloom had changed. In particular, it has a set of new animations that can play when the melee weapon is being looked at. The Gaming Merchant, who makes content for Apex Legends, recently posted a video on YouTube that showed off these unique animations.

The first animation in the YouTube video showed Wraith throwing her Kunai Knife into the air, where it disappeared into nothingness and came back a few seconds later. After this animation, the Legend opened a folder that looked like Wattson’s case file and had a picture of her and Wattson stuck on top of the document. Also, there was a note that said, “My favorite ghost.” This probably referred to a time in the Apex Legends story when Wattson thought Wraith was a ghost. Aside from these impressive animations, there was one where Wraith wiped the sweat off her forehead and another where she used her blade to kill a fly.

Fans have also found a possible recolor of Wraith’s Kunai Knife in addition to these animations. According to a picture that KralRindo posted on Twitter, this heirloom recolor is called “Hope’s Dawn” and changes the melee weapon’s signature blue glow to an orange glow. Unlike the new animations for the Kunai Knife, it still needs to be clarified when or how this new color will be available in the battle royale.

Even though Respawn didn’t talk about these changes in the Season 16 patch notes, gamers already knew there might be an update. Now that Wraith has these new animations, it will be interesting to see which other Apex Legends characters’ Heirlooms get updated in the future. No matter what, these new animations will make Wraith a more exciting choice for those lucky enough to have Heirloom Shards.

Apex Legends is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.