Appeal by the Tunisian prosecutor against Ghannouchi’s release

Yesterday the Tunisian prosecutor challenged the decision of the judiciary to maintain in freedom the head of the Ennahda movement, Rached Ghannouchi, after questioning him on charges of money laundering related to transfers from abroad to a charity called “Namaa Tounes”, in an investigation session that lasted about 10 hours.

A document issued by the investigating judge at the Anti-terrorism Judicial Center revealed heavy and serious accusations against Ghannouchi, including “the deliberate adhesion to a terrorist organization linked to the terrorist crimes that occurred in Tunisia and the formation of a terrorist concord, as well as using the soil of the Tunisian Republic and the soil of a foreign country to attract and train a group of people with the intent of committing terrorist crimes inside and outside the territory of Republic”.

Ghannouchi is also in charge of “donating, raising or providing funds directly and indirectly, knowing that their purpose is to finance the commission of terrorist crimes, or their use by persons, organizations or activities related to terrorist crimes, and to finance the travel of people abroad to join a terrorist organization or to receive training. ”».

He is also accused of “concealing or facilitating the concealment of the true source of funds or profits belonging to natural or legal persons, whatever their form, or of having accepted their deposit under a pseudonym or of merging them, knowing that their purpose is to finance people, organizations or activities linked to terrorist offenses “.