Apple and the recent disappointment … Is the American giant short of ideas?

Apple’s event was supposed to be the biggest event this fall in the tech world, as it was between rival Samsung’s announcement of its foldable phone and Google’s launch of the Google Pixel 6, along with a lot of anticipation and a lot. of hype and rumors raised about new Apple products, in especially the iPhone 13 most important.

But when Apple CEO Tim Cook gave his keynote speech on Tuesday, it was hard not to be discouraged by fans of the company’s products. We have the iPhone 13, the iPad mini, the Apple Watch Series 7 and the new 9th generation iPad, but it was hard not to think that the products Apple launched were more iterations than innovations, a group of products that revolve around the maintaining the “status quo.” More than arousing interest.

nothing new

Recently, it became difficult to remember an event for “Apple” that came with a product that was very different from an existing product. The iPhone 13 is the slightly updated iPhone 12. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the sixth series with a larger screen. Also, the 9th generation iPad is basically the iPad Air 2 with newer components.

Also there star of the show, the iPad mini, was more of an attempt to diversify than to invent something new: it’s basically an iPad Air with a smaller screen, and it has an A15 processor and a 12MP ultra-wide front camera, both updates to the current iPad Air, but that’s not something we’ve seen before!

Has Apple run out of ideas?

Not many find compelling reasons to upgrade to the new Apple phone over the iPhone 12, you don’t get much of a difference. There are two new colors, some camera improvements, and better battery life, but none of the exciting new features to upgrade if you’ve bought a new iPhone questyear or in the past two years, roughly the same goes for the rest of the new products.

Years ago, we started hearing about Apple’s so-called “next big thing”. Sometimes it’s an Apple Car, other times the lights go on Apple Glasses or the foldable iPhone.

At some point, any or all of these products may be made, but for now Apple appears to be in a “standby mode”.

If you’re looking for innovation, Tuesday’s event didn’t bring it and the hottest rumors didn’t materialize, we’ll be waiting for the iPhone 14 or Apple Watch Series 8 to bring the big ideas to life.

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