Apple Arcade just got a great Lego game called Builder’s Journey

Apple Arcade continues its series of regular surprises and offers subscribers another treat before the holidays: Lego Builder’s Journey, a more meditative version of the Lego universe. While most Lego games turn existing features into an action frenzy, Builder’s Journey tries a more artistic approach.

Lego Builder’s Journey is, according to the App Store description, a “poetic” puzzle game about “connections”.

“There will be ups and downs, challenges and celebrations throughout the narrative,” continues the description. “Take the time to experiment and, above all, to find out who we are and what we will be the client’s journey.”

Lego Builder’s Journey in particular has a striking art style that creates impressive mini-worlds. Each diorama occupies only one screen on which you can move and watch. The puzzles are often about finding a way for your heroes by dropping blocks. Even if you build something simple, the animations are so good that putting the pieces together is strangely satisfying. It also helps that the music is calming and stimulating enough to create a peaceful mood.

If you’ve subscribed to Apple Arcade, you can download it here.

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