Apple develops its own Google-like search engine

According to a new report released by “Apple Insider”, Apple is working on developing its own search engine web user-centric similar to its American counterpart Google.

According to Gizchina, many previous rumors have spread about Apple creating a virtual search engine for iPhone phones to compete with Google, and although the report did not reveal any new information. in merit, confirms that the American tech giant is already working on its own engine which shows that it is not a rumor and that the company is close to launch.

Technical blogger Robert Scoble said in his Twitter tweet that Apple will launch a new search engine web Google-like user-centric on Android phones, but won’t launch until January 2023.

Apple already has a search engine that supports Siri voice assistant, so it doesn’t look like the company is building an entire global search service to rival Google search alone.

This is because Google pays Apple between $ 8 and $ 12 billion each year to keep its search engine as the primary search engine on the iPhone.

But in the last year, the American company Google has paid Apple about $ 15 billion to keep its search engine as the default search engine on iOS, and if the deal is accurate, that means that this payment is equivalent to the 15% to 20% of Apple’s annual profits in 2020.

But in under this agreement, Apple continually remains dependent on its competition to provide its devices with the global search engine “Google”, so the creation of its own search engine could do without this partnership, in so that the American company owns all its virtual services, as well as to connect “Siri” with this technology and collect more revenue by providing ads to the new iPhone search engine.

According to MacRumors, questyear Apple will hold its annual WWDC conference, always onlinebut there are a few developers who will be taking part in the event on Apple’s headquarters campus.

For the upcoming event, Apple has shared a new page titled “Beyond WWDC”, which lists the events that will take place during or after the developer conference to be held from June 6 to June 10, and in added, the special hashtag # WWDC22 is now officially available on the Twitter site.

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