“Apple” faces a new scandal .. Here’s how Siri violates user privacy

A federal judge said Thursday that Apple is required to respond to nearly all proposed class actions that voice-activated Siri violates user privacy.

US District Judge Jeffrey White said prosecutors could try to prove Siri regularly records conversations private due to “accidental activations” and that Apple disclosed these conversations to third parties, such as advertisers, as confirmed by “Reuters”.

Voice assistants usually react when mobile device owners use specific phrases called “hot words” such as “Hey, Siri.”

One Siri user said his discussions with his doctor about a “branded surgical treatment” resulted in him receiving targeted advertisements for the treatment, while two others said their discussions of Air Jordan sneakers, Pit glasses Viper and Olive Garden made him get advertisements for those products …

An Oakland judge, in California said plaintiffs could argue that Apple violated federal wiretapping and California privacy law and committed a breach of contract.

On July 1, another California federal judge said that Google Voice Assistant users, who are represented by the same law firms as Apple’s case, could bring a similar lawsuit against Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc.

The Google Assistant is designed to interact when mobile device owners use phrases like “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”, similar to Siri.

But the plaintiffs claimed that Google did not have the right to use their conversations for targeted advertising, when the Google Assistant misunderstood what they said were “hot words”, known as “false acceptance”.

Amazon has also faced a similar lawsuit for its Alexa voice assistant.

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