Apple faces allegations from its engineers senior .. an unfair work environment and revenge

The US National Labor Relations Board is investigating allegations that Apple retaliated against top engineers who accused the tech group of allowing a hostile work environment.

The director senior of the engineering programs that he entered in Apple in 2015 Ashley Jovik described 13 cases of suspected retaliation last week.

These cases include, Workplace harassment, job relocation and reduced supervisory responsibilities.

Jovik was put in Indefinite paid leave a month ago as Apple was investigating the issue, according to a document seen by the Financial Times prior to the case on Aug.30.

Another engineer from the software, Sher Scarlett, insisted, on behalf of herself and two other employees, on September 1, that the organization of workers should be curbed, in particular on pay and gender pay equity.

This action happened after the engineer designed an instrument in Apple to support pay transparency, which has led to widespread criticism from other employees, both for and against its work, according to Reuters.

In a statement, Apple said, “We take all concerns seriously, investigate whenever concerns are raised, respect the privacy of those involved, and do not discuss the problems of any particular employee.”

In various states in the United States, including Apple’s home state in California bosses are not expressly allowed to prevent employees from talking about their pay.

The first set of stories shared by Scarlett includes allegations of hostile workplaces, discrimination and harassment.

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