Apple iPhone sales jump 50% despite the shortage of chips in advance of Launch of iPhone 13 13 in Autumn

Apple iPhone sales jump 50% despite the shortage of chips in advance of Launch of iPhone 13 13 in Autumn

The tech the industry was struggling to catch up to a severe shortage of chips.

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For years, Apple seemed to be defying the law of large numbers. His iPhones, already found in over a billion pockets, it went up again after the launch of the company of the iPhone 12, which featured a new squared design and 5G wireless speed. Still, with a market worth more than $ 2.45 trillion, the question Apple constantly faces is whether it can move forward higher.

We received a response on Tuesday. During the three months of his third tax quarter, the company said it totaled nearly $ 39.6 billion in IPhone sales during the three months ended June 26 up 50% from the same time to year does. Typically, Apple struggled to grow iPhone sales during the summer months before its annual fall iPhone revealed itself. people socket off to see the next iteration.

All in all, Apple said it made profits of 21.7 billion dollars, almost double from the same last year. This translates in $ 1.30 per share in earnings, off 81.4 billion dollars in total revenue, which in themselves were up 36% off last year. That was it also well above what analysts expected the company to report, which on there media it was $ 1 per share in earnings and nearly $ 73 billion in come in, second surveys published by Yahoo Finance.

“This quarter, Our teams built on a period of unparalleled innovation by sharing powerful new products with our users, in one moment in which using technology to connect people he has never been anywhere more important, “said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a declaration. It should argue more company details results on a conference call with analysts later Tuesday.

Apples results mark the latest example of how technology companies thrived during the coronavirus pandemic. The iPhone 12 family quickly became a hit between fans, who so many kidnapped of they up that the company reported on highest sales and profit in his history during last year’S holiday shopping season. People have also passed to computer Mac and tablet iPad for iPad help with learn and work from home, a trend that brings unusually highs demand across the tech industry. At Apple, this has translated in highest Mac sales ever during the winter months.

Shares of Apple are closed regular trading down more 1% to $ 146.77 per share, in middle to a larger market to sell over concerns that rising COVID-19 cases, led almost entirely from unvaccinated people in in the United States, it could have an impact on economy. Despite the uncertainty, Apple’s shares I am risen more 13% so far this year. They continued to fall 0.4% to $ 146.24 in after-hours trading.

Other parts of Apples business they are doing well too. The tech giant totaled $ 7.4 billion in IPad sales, nearly 12% from the same period to year previous one. The Mac, meanwhile, grossed $ 8.23 ​​billion in sales, up 16% off last year. Wearable, home and accessories, meanwhile, rose 36% to nearly $ 8.8 billion. The profitable services of the company business also it increased nearly 33% to $ 17.5 billion in sales.

Here’s everything we learned from Apple’s conference call with analysts following his earnings publication.

It is not just Apple fans

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A popular trope about Apple is that it is fans they are angry and willing to spend infinitely on the company. To counter this perception, Apple highlighted how lot of new people are coming to its products. Worldwide, for example, the company claimed that even though the Apple Watch was first released six years ago 75% of the people who bought one in the three months are over in June were new to purchase one.

Apple hasn’t offered similar data on its phones, but Cook said it was strong. “We had strong double figure growth for switches, e for upgraders, and in fact it was our biggest update quarter for Q3 never, “he said.

The chip shortage is not like that bad more? Or is it worse?

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Apple warned in the past that the supply of Mac and iPad was dictated by how many chips the company could get of, setting up the possibility that sales may be disappointing in the future. Instead, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said the company was in able to do so set new record despite these problems. “It is remarkable that the last four quarters for Mac, it was his best four quarters of all time, “he said.” This exceptional level of sales success was driven by the customers’ very enthusiastic response to ours new Macs powered by the M1 chip, which we recently ported to our newly redesigned iMac. “

despite of “significant” supply constraints during the quarter, he added, “we also started shipping ours new iPad Pro powered by the M1 chip and customer response has been outstanding. “

He said supply constraints will be “higher”during September quarter.

Apple CEO Cook Said “It’s Paying” more for merci than we would have done like pay “but the component costs continue, overall, a decline.

“In terms of supply constraints e how for a long time they will last”, he said.” I don’t … want expect it today. We will take it in order of one quarter at a time, and as you will guess, we will do everything we can to mitigate anything set of circumstances we are dealing with “.

COVID-19 no just going via

Apple’s CEO got kicked off the company conference call speak about how Very people they turned to his company’s products. But him also noticed that despite a positive spring and summer, things could improve tougher again.

“As the last 18 months proved a lot times Before, progress made it is not progress guaranteed and irregular recovery to the pandemic, and the Delta variant in soaring in lot of countries around world having shown us one time again that’s the way to recovery it will be a wrap one, “he said.” As we watch forward to more in interactions between people in the future, we are doubling down on innovation and doing everything possible for help charter core for a healthier e more fair world. “

While Apple business seems to hum, the rest of the world it is definitely less stable. The Centers for Disease control announced previous Tuesday that was being re-established social masking warrants even among vaccinated Americans, for fear the coronavirus could spread further between children who cannot yet receive life-saving medicine and the people who I opted for against receive one until now.

Even from Apple already told employees that he is delaying the return to …office plans until October at the earliest, reflecting moves from 2020 when companies started changing hours in response to worsening conditions.

Industry analysts and observers will be watching for any signals from Apple on the future.

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