Apple is Preparing a New iOS 16.1.1. as Widespread Wi-Fi Bug Persists

Following the release of the first significant update to the iOS 16 operating system two weeks ago, users began reporting bugs and issues. Apple is currently working on an iOS 16.1.1 update for the iPhone to address these issues, including a persistent Wi-Fi bug that has been annoying iPhone users.


In the past week, MacRumors has detected iOS 16.1.1-running devices in our website analytics, indicating that Apple is testing the update and that it may soon be released. Although it’s unknown what the update will contain, it may fix a pervasive and ongoing Wi-Fi bug affecting users. When left on standby, such as overnight or in other circumstances, the bug inadvertently causes a user’s iPhone to disconnect from Wi-Fi.

With the Wi-Fi bug fix, Apple may address other issues that users have been voicing since iOS 16 in September, such as battery drain, sluggish Spotlight searches, and jerky animations on iPhone 14 Pro models when swiping out of apps. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models’ Emergency SOS via Satellite could be one of the new features in iOS 16.1.1.

Apple is Preparing a New iOS 16.1.1. as Widespread Wi-Fi Bug Persists

Apple is likely to release Emergency SOS via Satellite via a dot-update to iOS 16 in November, which may end up being iOS 16.1.1. As of the time of writing, MacRumors has not detected any additional iOS 16.1.X updates in our analytics. Beyond saying that users will be able to use Emergency SOS via Satellite in November, Apple has not yet provided more detailed information.

Apple allows beta testers and developers to use iOS 16.2 and iPad OS 16.2 in public testing. The release of iOS 16.2 is anticipated for mid-December.