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Apple launches SOS service via satellite.. and here’s how it works

Apple has announced the launch of the SOS emergency call function via satellite for all iPhone 14 phone users.

All four iPhone 14 models will be in able to send messages to emergency services via satellite connection if they are out of cellular range.

The feature will also provide users with the ability to request assistance and contact emergency services in absence of connection, both via telephone networks mobile than via Wi-Fi networks, depending on the connection to a satellite network.

And the ability to use the feature to reassure friends and family of their whereabouts while navigating in places out of coverage, both over the network mobile than Wi-Fi, according to the “Wall Street Journal.”

How does it work?

In addition, iPhone 14 phones depend on a special integrated chip that allows the antennas to communicate directly with the satellite when there is no coverage, whether they connect to mobile networks or Wi-Fi networks.

For example, when you need help, you will call 911 on your iPhone 14 Plus, but since there is no service mobilethe call could not be completed.

You can then press the green SOS message button in bottom right saying “Emergency Satellite Text” and a message at the top of the call screen saying “No connection, try Emergency Satellite Text”.

series of questions

After pressing the button, you fill out a multiple choice questionnaire: What is the emergency? (problem atauto or to the vehicle, illness or accident, etc.).
Who needs help? (Me, another person, several people).

How do you breathe? (usually, with difficulty). Want to notify your emergency contacts?

Then comes the connection, which takes anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute to connect, and the phone asks you to move in different directions to align yourself with the satellite.

Share your location

As with other satellite technologies, it must be outdoors with a clear view of the sky, which may limit its usefulness in certain emergency situations.

Once connected, your iPhone sends your location, survey responses, and your Medical ID (if you’ve filled it out in the Health app).

And it enables emergency SOS function via satellite also for iPhone 14 users to manually share their geographic location via satellite, using Find My when a cellular or Wi-Fi connection is not available.

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