Apple loses appeal in Epic battle against monopoly of payments

A US federal judge had denied Apple’s request for a pause on a previous court order obliging the company to allow app manufacturers to implement their own payment systems, after the tech giant was quoted in judgment over alleged antitrust violations.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals shut down the company’s petition for stay on a previous order on Tuesday, said Apples rules for payments on its App Store amounted to “Incipient antitrust conduct”, also accusing him of “Resulting super-competitive commission rates in extraordinarily tall operating margins “.

“Aside from perhaps taking time to establish guidelines, Apple hasn’t provided any credibility reason for the court to hold that the injunction would be cause the professed devastation “, the judge added, referring to Apple’s argument that the changes ordered to in-app payments would be cause “Irreparable damage” to society. It met a previous deadline of December 9 to join the order, delivered down in September, also denying a symbolic 10-day extension requested by Apple.

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While Gonzales Rogers said Apple’s payment system it might still be preferable for app developers and customers, “The fact remains: it should be their choice. Consumer information, transparency and consumer choice [are] in the interest of the public. “

A spokesperson for Apple told Reuters it would do this immediately challenge on Tuesday decision, adding that the company “Believes no further business changes should to be required take effect until all appeals in this case is solved “.

The sentence is the latest in a long antitrust battle over in-Launch of the payment systems of the app last year for video game producer Epic Games, who opposed Apple’s high 30% commissions and tried to implement their own microtransaction system in It is very popular game, “Fortnite”. Although Gonzales Rogers decision in September has gone in most of in The favor of Apple, discovering that Epic had violated its contractual obligations with the Big Tech company and asking her to pay a hefty sum in damage, Apple still struggled to keep its control over Payments in the App Store, at least as long as the appeal process is carried out out in the courts, which could take several years.

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