Apple makes it possible to pass on its users’ data with this update

Apple is working on a complex issue with its new iOS update, which will enable a feature known as the “Right to Survival”.

The new feature arrives in one moment in it was impossible to log into a person’s iCloud account when they died, except by not knowing the account password and there was no way to unlock the phone without knowing the passcode. According to iCloud’s terms of service, the deceased person’s data goes with them at the time of death.

The new update, according to The Verge, will include a program called Digital Legacy, which allows users of its devices to designate up to five people as contacts who can access personal data and stored information. in iCloud after death, such as photos and documents. Purchases too.

How to activate it

On your iOS device, go to Settings> [اسمك]> Password and security.

On a Mac, go to System Preferences> Apple ID> Password & Security.

In Old Contact, follow the instructions to add an old contact. If you use Family Sharing, you can choose a family member from the list; Alternatively, add someone using their email or phone number.

Notify your old contact and share the passkey via messages. If they accept, a copy of the passkey will automatically be stored in the Apple ID settings. If they refuse, you will be notified. “The passkey is required to access your account if you die.”

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